P90X3 Review

It has been 9 months since I’ve done any intense workouts and now it’s time to get back to it and start P90X3! I’ve been wanting to do this workout ever since it was released in December. Through some subtle and not so subtle hints, my wonderful husband got it for my Christmas present.
I have said it before, but the most exciting aspect for a new mother (besides the fact that it is fun) is that it only takes 30 minutes. I don’t know of a better way to get a full body beat down and be back to changing diapers in the time I used to take to warm up. The workouts may be quick, but afterwards I attack the poop blowouts and projectile puking with renewed vigor.
Enough with the background, here comes my review from the first full month of regular use: the first workout is called Total Synergistics (works all body parts), and afterwards I felt fantastic all over (the next day was a different story, can you say sore without laughing?)! Some of the moves were a little difficult, like push-ups, not because they are complex, but because my upper body strength has dropped to the point where I feel like Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory trying to do pushups. Not to worry, soon I will be back to the toned, rock crushing, one-armed push-up doing workout monster I was before this baby nonsense.
The nice part is that for those Sheldon moments, I was able to modify and keep up with the others in the workout and pause when I needed.
I have noticed about other workouts in X3, is that there are hardly any breaks, except usually one 30 second rest or a minute and then it’s go time again. This is nice because there isn’t any time to be bored (or realize how winded I am). Most of the exercises are either a minute long, or doing a set number of reps so it is easy to keep up with the video.
Personally, I have a hard time following schedules, but after completing several sessions with P90X, I have found following the scheudle that is included really helps get the best results. After day one I was starting to feel sore and can fully sympathize with anybody who is starting a new workout regime in the new year. The nice part is, after a few days the soreness has mostly gone away and I can attack each workout with full intensity, which is key to getting maximum benefit for the time spent.
So if you haven’t figured it out already, I highly suggest this workout for anybody, not just people with a time constraint. Remember, Christmas and the New Year snuck up like nobody’s business, and beach season is slyly peeking around the corner waiting for us to turn our backs for one second.

5 things I am LOVING about P90X3
1) Workouts are short and to the point. No need for long hour long sessions of cardio/weights
2) Tons of new moves
3) Yoga is shorter (this way i actually do the whole workout)
4) There is a Pilates workout now!
5) There’s a separate warm up DVD that’s included on the main menu of each workout


Drop me a line and let me in on your favorite workout and why….

Until next time…Ryann


Watermelon and Cherries=Miracle Food?

With the muscle confusion technique employed by p90x, I was sore regularly back when I was able to work out (Click here to read my blog on on that subject)soreness
I assume (maybe hope is a better word?) that other people have this problem too with chairs being too low and stairs too steep for days after an especially arduous bout with p90x. For me, I have been searching for a “magic” cure (besides more elevators) for as long as I have been addicted to p90x. Unfortunately for me, it seems that the best way to deal with this sometimes annoying but regularly occurring fact of life was to just do the next workout and I would feel better in a day or two. While prowling the internet (my main workout these days) I found an interesting article discussing several common foods that can help reduce soreness.


To read the article, click here
As it will be a couple more months until I can test out these foods, I would love to hear any first hand accounts of whether or not these help.

On a side note, I had my baby shower last weekend and had the in laws and other family come into town for this joyous event! I had a great time and am truly blessed to have so many great friends and relatives! Yesterday spent sometime getting the nursery all finished with the help of my mom and sister (thanks to hubby to for lifting, and hanging up pics and setting up the mobile)!

Celebrating at my baby shower!

Nursery is all set up and ready!


What do penguins and old ladies with walkers have in common? Well, combine the shuffling gait of an old lady pushing a walker with the side-to-waddle of a penguin and that is how I was getting around after my first week of P90X. I am happy to report that after a couple of weeks of following the P90X routine (definitely not easy when you are so sore sitting down requires a great deal of courage) I was able to laugh without convulsing in pain aftger each chuckle, and I haven’t been quite so sore again (but pretty close though). Not to say that I never get sore these days, but it is somehow different, slightly less debilitating. Maybe it is just knowing for sure that I am geting results…
I bet the people in the videos don’t get sore (I mean they dont even seem to be breathing hard and they are talking the whole time too!), but I sure do. To me, getting sore occasionally means the “muscle confusion” touted by P90X is actually happening, and I am working new muscles in different ways. It is nice to know that an abstract idea like muscle confusion actually seems to be working.
As I have progressed through the P90X routine, and have tried out others, getting sore has become a regular part of my life, so naturally, I am a self proclaimed expert on the best way to work through the soreness as quickly as possible. I find that keeping well hydrated before and after every workout helps a lot, and stretching (regularly) makes the soreness talk back a little bit less. Chocolate milk (yes, Hersheys syrup mixed into a glass of milk) is my favorite recovery drink, and I am not just saying that because I need an excuse to drink more chocolate milk. Scientifically, it has the proper ratio of protien to carbohydrates, but all I know is that it tastes really good after a good old fassioned muscle beat down, and makes my muscles feel a little bit better (or is that just the chocolate talking?).
Recently I attempted my first work out with Body Beast-Lucky 7, the 20 minute full body work out. It sounds like I am quoting directly from a late night Infomercial (wanna hear about snuggies or the pajama jeans? Just ask…), but it was an out-of-this-world work out, and my muscles took a pretty severe beating. It wasnt long before I could feel the soreness slowly creeping into my muscles like Steve trying to sneak under the covers without getting kicked off the bed at 2 am. The next day I was seriously contemplating getting my husband to install hand-holds (like the ones in handicapped stalls in public bathrooms) in our master bathroom so I could get off the toilet without gasping in pain.


Got tickets to the gun show?

I have decided to start including my weekly workout summary at the end of each entry, hopefully this will motivate you as much as me:
4 Turbo Fire workouts, 1 Body Beast workout (total time 4.5 hours) as well as some power walking through Wal-Mart and Costco.
What is your favorite recovery trick (and not working out is not an option!)?
Until next time…