Working Out With a Toddler


While doing my 22 Minute Hard Corps workout this afternoon, my daughter wanted to join in on the fun. 22 Minute Hard Corps requires a lot of jumping back and forth and up and down, which is quite hard when I have a toddler who is trying her hardest to mimic my movements. She is pretty good at mimicking, but is always half a step behind, ensuring she is going back when I am trying to go forth. While trying to do mountain climbers, it was the same story, she was crawling underneath me. What’s a parent to do while trying to workout with a very mobile child?

Here is what I find works best for us:

First, I try really hard to make sure there are plenty of toys, and other non-workout related activities readily available, but hard to since jumping around with mom is a lot more interesting than the same old toys. Since I workout in the living room, her toys, play kitchen and coloring supplies are available so I can keep an eye on her if she decides to play on her own. Sometimes she’s pretty good at not bothering me too much….

When toys don’t work, sometimes it is easier to have her join in! She already knows how to bear walk (there’s a move in the 22MHC, Cardio 1), she likes to do downward dog and jumps around when I’m doing some sort of jumping or running in place type move.

My final thought is that it can be difficult to workout with a toddler present, and working out while they are elsewhere (or sleeping) is very enticing, but I believe that having them around is setting a good example, plus watching her try to do some of the moves can be fun!


Benefits of Yoga

I will admit…I’m not a fan of yoga. Sitting in poses letting my mind wander for who knows how long is not my idea of a fun workout, but more like preparing for a nap. In my book, any workout where checking Facebook is possible during the workout isn’t really a workout….My favorite workout is strength training or sweaty cardio where I feel that post workout high, deep muscle burn, sweat in my eyes and the need to sit down when done.

But….several of the trainers, workout blogs and workout friends I respect keep mentioning yoga, so I begrudgingly did some research and found that, strangely enough, yoga does have benefits (who would have thought). Before I share my personal experience, here are some benefits that will hopefully encourage readers to take a small step towards throwing in the occasional yoga workout:

“Prevents cartilage and joint breakdown, protects your spine, better bone health, blood flow, ups the old heart rate (can improve cardiovascular conditioning), drops blood pressure, regulates adrenal glands, improves happiness, lowers blood sugar, helps focus, relaxes your system, maintains nervous system, releases tension in your limbs, helps sleep deeper, boosts immune system functionality, gives lungs room to breathe, prevents IBS and other digestive problems, increases self esteem, eases pain (asana, mediation or a combo of the two helped with back pain, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, arthritis to name a few), gives inner strength, benefits relationships, uses sounds to soothe your sinuses, keeps allergies and viruses at bay! and supports your connective tissue just to name a few.”

That is quite a list, and I am not totally sure how yoga can accomplish all those at once, but I certainly believe the stretching and strengthening aspects are true as I have experienced them myself. Currently I am throwing a PiYo workout into my weekly rotation when I am not in the mood for an intense workout, and find that I am relaxed when done, but still feel like I have kept up my conditioning and have increased mental focus (that is until my two-year-old starts emptying kitchen cabinets). Being around a toddler, I am always trying very hard to avoid getting sick, so if the immune system boosting claim is true, that can only help my cause.

All in all, my weekly yoga workout hasn’t transformed me into a yogi, and don’t imagine myself ever sitting on a mountain in the lotus pose, but would recommend throwing in a yoga based workout once in a while, if nothing else, it will add variation to any workout plan, and best case scenario the benefits could include all those on that really long list….


It’s been a while since I’ve posted and wanted to give y’all an update on my current workout and healthy eating scheme….

First, I have been trying to be extra diligent about eating well, because everybody knows that this is the time of year where, held gallantly held in check for 11 months, temptation rears its fat head, and those pesky lbs can sneak up and stick in all the wrong places. My main goal to counter this well-publicized phenomenon has been to avoid having sweets (or other empty calorie goodness) around where I can just grab one or two as I walk by. This seems to be cutting down on the temptation, as well as the unwanted aftermath.

Our Thanksgiving was a certain victory over temptation, even though we had two separate family Thanksgiving dinners (on different days of course). First, a big thanks to my brother in law Tom for suggesting and preparing a fantastic middle eastern feast! I don’t actually remember the names of the delicious courses, but there was cardamom rice, lamb tart, squash something-or-other, and pumpkin pie. All the credit for the second round of Thanksgiving goes to my sister Page, who prepared two different wonderful soups and all the extra goodies to go with it. I’m not sure how I didn’t overeat since both meals were fantastic, but somehow I managed to end up feeling satisfied without bursting.

Thanksgiving is sort of a warm up for the indulgence that is December. With shortbread cookies and See’s candy lurking, I have been staying strong for the most part, so far…..

As for my workouts…I have been mixing up the sweating between bouts of PiYo, the HIIT workouts from TurboFire, P90X3, Body Beast Lucky 7 and especially chasing around a toddler (is there such thing as a runn-ler? She isn’t toddling as much as running). That counts right?

Not that anybody asked, but my second piece of advice is to practice moderation in the face of overindulgence (that See’s candy isn’t going to eat itself, plus everybody else is doing it!), and have that occasional sweet to cut down on the craving and hopefully avoid the shame that comes with an empty shortbread cookie tin and nobody to blame it on but the dog.

How are you staying healthy this time of year?

What is a Challenge Pack?

I don’t think anybody would deny that BeachBody workouts and Shakeology are an extremely important part of a healthy lifestyle, especially for busy people who need to wedge workouts and healthy eating into a packed schedule. I have been a coach for a while, and want to guess what the number reason most people don’t want to at least try BeachBody? The COST!! (and this isn’t even close, the next highest reason for not wanting to try a BeachBody product is something about a government conspiracy…).
So, with that in mind, I thought I would share a great way to save on initial costs of starting BeachBody as well as monthly costs: a “challenge pack” (cue trumpets!). A challenge pack comes with the workout of your choice, Shakeology (your choice of flavor(s) and packets/bag (how many packets???? One months worth), 30 day trial for the team BeachBody club membership (Club membership-receive 10% discount, meal plans, VIP access, coach guidance, super gym, and message boards), a coach to support you on your journey and a 30 day trial to BOD-BeachBody on Demand. The best part about that long list is the on Demand part, which means workouts are streamed (no need to haul around a DVD player and TV), and it lets you try out new workouts while on the go with your mobile device. Think of it as having a Netflix membership, except no regrets for binge watching, or funny looks from your significant other for pre-watching.

Here is the cost breakdown to get PiYo (my personal most favorite workout) and one month of shakeology:
– no challenge pack: PiYo for $59.85 plus shakeology for $130. Total is $189.85, plus round up to $200 including shipping/tax.
– with challenge pack: total is $160 which includes all the great perks listed above, including PiYo.
Total savings = $40, plus the 10% discount if you decide to buy another month of Shakeology while you are at it.

Breaking it down, a challenge pack is the way to go instead of buying the items separately! Unless you are still convinced that challenge packs are a government conspiracy…..



Getting Back in the Groove

Now that the new year is here and I posted a blog about motivation, I find myself supremely unmotivated. So much for setting manageable goals and reaching them (take the current two month blog hiatus for proof). I haven’t even been motivated enough to set any goals, let alone reach one. Sad to say even my soulmate workout PiYo, has left me feeling bored, and boredom seems to be the deal breaker for me and a workout.

It’s not like I haven’t been working out, more just going through the motions, and that doesn’t help the cause of staying fit. Working out needs to be fun, enjoyable and worth looking forward to, but lately it has been a chore, ughhh, hate feeling like this. I tried everything I can think of to jump start my motivation; mixing in other workouts (P90X3, Body Beast Lucky 7 and TurboFire), taking a break (for some reason that made me feel even lazier), watching 80s workout videos online (hoping fluorescent spandex would snap me out of my funk), and even feeding myself the old line “exercise makes me feel good and I love getting that natural high after a sweat fest”. No dice for any of my attempts….

One trick that does seem to be helping a little bit is working out first thing in the morning, probably since my fuzzy mind can’t rationalize putting off working out so easily.

In order to get at the root of the problem, and meet my goal of looking great when spring/summer arrives, I am planning on ordering (and starting!) the new Shaun T workout Insanity: Max 30, that is if I don’t put that off too, maybe I should set another goal….

What do you do to stay motivated with your workouts?

New Products

Last month BeachBody announced three new products that I am excited to share with you-PiYo, 3-Day Refresh and P90.
The highly anticipated PiYo is now available and brought to you by my favorite workout video celebrity Chalene Johnson, creator of TurboFire, Turbo Jam and Turbo Kick. At this point you’re probably wondering what kind of crazy name is PiYo? No, its not math slang for saying hi to a bro, But is actually a mix between Pilates and yoga. It is unique in that Instead of holding poses forever, like in yoga, it moves quickly enough to incorporate cardio as well as strength and flexibility. What do I think of the workout? As a coach I am super excited because it gives me a great low impact workout to recommend to all types of fitness enthusiasts, but I haven’t tried it personally because i prefer faster workouts. Several clients with bad knees have been raving about it!

Here is the blurb I stole from the beach body website (couldn’t have said it better myself):
“Who should buy the program? PiYo is for: Men and women who want to get the results of an extreme program without the jumps, weights, or joint strain. This program is perfect for people of all fitness levels; people who want to build lean muscle without the bulk; those who love the benefits of pilates and yoga, but feel these programs lack the cardio they need to burn fat and calories; and people who want a workout that doesn’t require a lot of equipment.”


Next, I’m excited to announce the 3-Day Refresh. The 3DR is a healthy cleanse that includes supplements and healthy meals. not surprisingly, it lasts 3 days and will clean out your system and help lose A few pounds in the process. it isn’t one of those scary “only drink lemon juice for two weeks” cleanses that are doomed to end in extreme hangryness (hangryness is the act of being hangry, and is the serious medical condition of Being angry cuz your Hungry) and binge eating. There’s a healthy meal plan to follow along with supplemental shakes, so no risk of completely irrational hunger related outbursts!


Last but but not least is P90! P90 is by the creator of P90X, X2 and X3, Tony Horton. He has created an “easier” version of P90X for the person who is just starting their fitness journey with a mix of cardio and weight training, done in 30 min (or a little less) and will include more modified moves. If you’re familiar with Power 90, which was released before P90X, P90 is a more up to date version and not as “extreme”. I really like the sound of this workout, and wish it would have been available when I first hauled my butt off the couch and started working out for real. because i have done p90x and p90x3, I feel very comfortable recommending this workout to anybody wanting to start out with an easy workout before moving up to a more extreme version. The release date for this workout is around September; I’ll put the exact release date in the comments when I find out for sure.
If you’re interested in any of these new products or have any questions please visit my website: (you’ll have to copy/paste) or send me an email: and I would love to help you get started or choose a workout that best fits your goals!