Goals vs Resolutions

It’s that time of year again when we all make our new resolutions for the new year. Whether it’s to lose weight (always seems to be the number one resolution), eat healthier, make more time for loved ones and friends, read more books, or become a famous concert pianist, I don’t know of many people who stick to a resolution for more than a few weeks. Just think about how crowded gyms are in January (I know this because I could never find a treadmill when I went in January, but there were plenty of parking spots when I would drive by in May….

I am no psychologist, but I have reached my recent weight loss and workout related goals, (plus I have a blog and need to fill it up with some mindless New Years related drivel), so I will share my thoughts.

To me resolutions are great, but a resolution of “losing x lbs this year” is really hard to reach since it isn’t time specific. I am one of the top procrastinators I know of, and live by the saying that if something is worth doing, it is going to get done at the last possible moment, so having a resolution with one year to reach means I can put it off until at least november. All (ok, both) of the resolutions I have reached have been broken down into manageable, quantifiable, goals that have short time limits. For example…instead of saying “I need to lose 10 pounds” this year, I start at the root of losing weight, which is to exercise regularly and eat smart(er). Along these lines, a goal of working out 5 days a week, 30 minutes per workout, is short term, easy to keep track of, and impossible to fake. Plus, I know if I meet this goal, I will meet my resolution of losing without even worrying about it.

Meeting any resolution is easier said than done, especially when the demands of life get in the way, but breaking the resolution down into manageable pieces has really helped me, and I recommend giving it a try. Any other tips, please share!

What are your “goals” for 2015?