The Day I Broke up with BeachBody Coaching

Breaking up is hard to do, but on June 27, 2017 I made a decision I didn’t want to make, but was long overdue.  I realized that I wasn’t putting in the effort required to take advantage of the opportunities BeachBody provides, so  I made my final decision on that day, and…we are now broken up.

When I decided to start my BeachBody career in 2011 it was with the enthusiasm of a new convert because BeachBody had changed my life.  I was excited to help the whole world lose weight, gain muscle and most importantly, just be healthy like I had learned to do.  I was ready to be a cheerleader, helper and supporter for life!

BeachBody was going great, but when I had my daughter in October 2013, I just lost all motivation to continue recruiting people.  I regularly tried to re-motivate myself, but it just didn’t work.  As I continued to struggle and ultimately quit trying, I realized I wasn’t willing to saturate social media with the same gimmicky and repetitive posts the successful coaches were living on.  Here is what I noticed needed to be done:

-Post on social media post workout sweaty pictures/videos.  Why can’t it be like the “olden” days when people just did their workout and moved on with their day?  I will admit, I have posted some sweaty pics on my IG page, but I tried my best to hide my mismatch workout attire and messy hair. I don’t even look “cute” when I wake up, why would I want to document it when I look like even more of a hot mess?  Does that make someone want to workout?  Maybe.

-Drink shakeology daily and post outstanding results at the same rate. I was never able to make shakeology a habit, but not sure why.  Maybe because my lifestyle isn’t rushed I don’t need a balanced shake to drink on the go when I can get the same nutrition from eating fresh balanced meals. I drank it once in a while and would try the new flavors (by the way, there are TWO NEW flavors available now: vegan chocolate and vanilla), but never noticed a spike of vitality after pounding a shake, even when I did drink it regularly.

There are other diffences between when I was a DVD thumping convert and my current state of apathy, like:

-Way more workouts and nit just P90X and Insanity (plus some others but those were the main cardio and weight workout at the time)

All Access Workouts or BOD (beachbody on demand)-stream your workouts anywhere from your phone, tablet, iPad or laptop even if you’re in a hotel or at the beach.

-challenge packs (add link) you purchase a workout (on DVD) or all chess and get shakeology along with it  much cheaper than separate purchases

Not to fear regular reader, I will still be here writing about my workouts, healthy food, and  any other health and fitness topics as they tickle my fancy, but no more BeachBody pushing.  I will also write about other happenings in my life (like a new puppy), but that’s a different post!


Welcome 2016

It’s that time of year again where the Christmas tree and decorations come down, weight loss goals come into play and the gym is full of people wanting to lose weight for their New Years resolutions. Welcome 2016! Yes, I’m sounding cliche, but what can I say, it’s true about the beginning of the year.

I know how it goes, I’ve been there with the best of intentions, blowing dust off of long unused gym memberships, treadmills (even workout DVDs), eyes bright with resolutions and hope for the new year. Those extra few pounds didn’t stand a chance this year!

Then life steps in (or is it just the end of January that signals the end of motivation), and, like the Swallows leaving Capistrano, the gym empties….at least that’s how it looks when I would drive by, promising to go again tomorrow.

The last couple years I have been able to keep motivated through January, and I think it is mostly because I can work out at home when it is convenient and takes way less time than going to the gym.

So, if that list of standard cliches isn’t motivation enough, I will share my resolution with all my loyal readers in hopes that it will motivate me… It looks a lot like last year; workout regularly, but also make each workout count! No point in wasting time doing a half assed workout!

What are your New Year’s resolutions/goals for 2016?

Getting Back in the Groove

Now that the new year is here and I posted a blog about motivation, I find myself supremely unmotivated. So much for setting manageable goals and reaching them (take the current two month blog hiatus for proof). I haven’t even been motivated enough to set any goals, let alone reach one. Sad to say even my soulmate workout PiYo, has left me feeling bored, and boredom seems to be the deal breaker for me and a workout.

It’s not like I haven’t been working out, more just going through the motions, and that doesn’t help the cause of staying fit. Working out needs to be fun, enjoyable and worth looking forward to, but lately it has been a chore, ughhh, hate feeling like this. I tried everything I can think of to jump start my motivation; mixing in other workouts (P90X3, Body Beast Lucky 7 and TurboFire), taking a break (for some reason that made me feel even lazier), watching 80s workout videos online (hoping fluorescent spandex would snap me out of my funk), and even feeding myself the old line “exercise makes me feel good and I love getting that natural high after a sweat fest”. No dice for any of my attempts….

One trick that does seem to be helping a little bit is working out first thing in the morning, probably since my fuzzy mind can’t rationalize putting off working out so easily.

In order to get at the root of the problem, and meet my goal of looking great when spring/summer arrives, I am planning on ordering (and starting!) the new Shaun T workout Insanity: Max 30, that is if I don’t put that off too, maybe I should set another goal….

What do you do to stay motivated with your workouts?

What Works

The fitness side of the internet is full of really good information about the best way to work out, best time, best pre-post nutrition, acceptable heart rate and just about anything else you can think of for the proper way to sweat (just in case you are thinking of checking for yourself, I can tell you right now that every website has a better way to work out). Working out can get really complicated, with gadgets, schedules and rules. The thing I like about working out at home, and what has kept me at it for the past two years is that it is what you make it, and I make sure it is as simple as possible. It is easy enough to follow along with any video you choose (I will continue to post reviews of the videos I am enjoying), but I thought i would share what I do to keep my workouts at a high level regardless of outside influences or obligations. These are just the first tips that came to mind, so dont think that this is all there is to it…

First, I like to get my workout done in the morning so I dont have to dread it for the rest of the day, and Steve can help out with his “special brand” of motivation before his morning nap. If I wait until after work, there are way too many other important things to do, like watch TV, check facebook, play with Steve, vacuum the house, trim my toenails, watch the grass grow…you get the point, just about anything but workout. The point is, it wont get done unless I make myself get it over with before I have had my first cup of coffee and my brain is awake enough to know what I am about to put my body through.
The other advantage of working out first thing in the morning is that I can get through the workout without having to eat anything before hand. I don’t really know why, because I am definitely hungry after my workout, but I feel that my energy level is good without eating. It is rare, but if I am too hungry to focus on the workout, I eat a spoonful of natural peanutbutter to get a little bit of protein. This is a personal preference, and I am sure it wont work for everybody, but find something that works for you, like a few bites of banana or something. The main focus is to help you with the workout without puking up a full meal of pancakes and bacon (not fun!).
This isnt a workout tip, but my birthday was last week (I wont say how old I am, and no points for guessing…). These non-milestone birthdays are pretty boring when you are past 21, but we splurged anyway and got pizza (plenty of cheese and cured pork products). Then it was lunch at a chain restaurant with a friend (just a few carbs), then family dinner at our house…makes it sound like my birthday wish was to eat all weekend, but I swear it wasnt.
Here is my weekly (well, almost two weeks since my last post) workout summary: I enjoyed Turbofire for every workout last week (and the week before) – took both weekend days off due to birthday obligations. Overall I felt good, my abs got a bit sore from the HIIT workouts tuesday and friday (for more info on that acronym, see my Turbofire review, “Burn, Burn, Burn”). My goal is always to get a little sore, so I will consider that goal met!
Next week (this week really since this is a bit late…) I am planning on mixing in a Body Beast Lucky 7 workout into the Turbo Fire just to change it up a little bit. Mixing up workouts is another tip, but that is for another post, stay tuned!


My Work Out Buddy

It’s important to have a work out buddy, someone to motivate you when you don’t feel like working out, someone to help you get through that last set of reps; someone to cheer you on when you feel like stopping; someone to help you choose healthy food and someone who has the same goals.  Well, mine is my cat Steve! 
He enjoys hard workouts, but only from a safe distance, perched on the back of the couch in a sun-beam. The only time he actually works out when he is chasing the dogs on his way to dinner or doing a “paw speed” workout when he is boxing with the puppy. He has a hard time motivating me with the standard look of ambivilance that most cats have, but what does motivate me is his ever growing “cat belly” and my desire to never have anything as saggy as his belly. His “cat belly” has taken on a life of its own; it flaps with a flamboyant side to side motion when he has to run, while basking in the sun it creeps out to take in some rays, and seems to say “keep on going,” while I am huffing and puffing, struggling to lift that weight or coughing out a lung. Sometimes after a workout I turn to him and say “your turn fatty”, usually he hops off the counter and escapes down the hallway, as if he thinks I’m a drill Sargent, his belly flapping back and forth as he runs. I am sure if he didn’t have so much fur getting in the way it would make a rythmic clapping sound.


Steve came to be part of my life in a round-about way. Most cats were either purchased from a pet store or someone’s home, or rescued from the streets. Steve, how do I put this delicately without hurting his poor feline feelings?…abandoned multiple times. See, here’s how it went down. While my sister in law was out running, she came upon this cute black kitten trotting along behind a boy, this small kitten acting like a dog following his favorite person. The boy asked if this was her cat and told her this cat had just started following him out of the blue. Being an animal lover (and a girl), she decided she had better bring him home so he would be safe while she put up fliers, advertised in the newspaper and did everything humanly possible to find his grieving parents. Six months later, still no one has claimed him and she is heading off to the east coast to pursue a Masters Degree at a Ivy League school (Steve wouldn’t fit into the preppy lifestyle since his favorite hobby was climbing clothes with people in them). She found a sucker to dump him off on, who happened to be her brother, my future husband (abandoned for a second time for those who are counting). At this point Steve and Eric were loving the life of “bachelors” with no woman to tell them what to do, but all good things must come to and end, and the end came when Eric met me. Now that we are married I am graced by the presence of a cat (from Steves prespective at least). When I try to make him shape up (stay off the counter, work out, be nice to people etc.) he puts his ears back and I imagine him yelling “you’re not my mom” like a rebelious teenager.
For some reason people give an involuntary chuckle when I tell them his name, and you may have chucked too. Want to know how he got his name? Well, watch the wholesome and artistic 90s movie “Multiplicity” and get back to me!
On a side note, my sister had her baby shower last weekend and family came into town so it was a nice weekend with that and Watching the Super Bowl with some friends!

Do you own pets? 
Until next time…Ryann