Meet Dixie

It’s been quite a while, 5 years to be exact since we’ve had a puppy. Anyone who has had a puppy knows what I’m talking about…potty training, a couple wake up calls during the night and the 5 am “I’m awake, let’s play!” 
Call us crazy, but in June we added another member to our family! Please meet our new puppy, Dixie! She is  an 18 week old German Shorthair Pointer! Here are some high points about her: 
-She fits in perfect with our crew…our two other German shorthairs Leroy 8, Cooper 5 and Steve our cat and of course our 3.5 year old toddler, Addison. They love playing and running around in the backyard. 
-She LOVES terrorizing Steve! We think Steve secretly loves playing with her because there are so many opportunities for Steve to escape to a place out of Dixies reach, but instead, he sticks around so Dixie can attack him and he can throw in some punches. He bats and hisses at her but she doesn’t mind.
This may not be a fitness post per say, but I wanted to share my new addition to our family. She has been going on walks and runs (a way to get that energy out. Anyone who owns a German Shirthair, knows how energetic these dogs are).  By mid October she should be good to go hunting! She’s a great fit and so happy she is with our family!


Happy Birthday, Cooper!

Shout out to our puppy who turned one year old this week! Cooper enjoys boxing with Steve, singing with Leroy (our other german shorthair pointer), finding chukar for Eric and long runs and walks! When taking a break from his busy life, it’s cuddle time on the couch with his buddy Leroy.

Coopers first night at home


Cooper with his chukar

Being playful

Boxing with Steve

Lounging on the couch with his buddy Leroy