Meet Dixie

It’s been quite a while, 5 years to be exact since we’ve had a puppy. Anyone who has had a puppy knows what I’m talking about…potty training, a couple wake up calls during the night and the 5 am “I’m awake, let’s play!” 
Call us crazy, but in June we added another member to our family! Please meet our new puppy, Dixie! She is  an 18 week old German Shorthair Pointer! Here are some high points about her: 
-She fits in perfect with our crew…our two other German shorthairs Leroy 8, Cooper 5 and Steve our cat and of course our 3.5 year old toddler, Addison. They love playing and running around in the backyard. 
-She LOVES terrorizing Steve! We think Steve secretly loves playing with her because there are so many opportunities for Steve to escape to a place out of Dixies reach, but instead, he sticks around so Dixie can attack him and he can throw in some punches. He bats and hisses at her but she doesn’t mind.
This may not be a fitness post per say, but I wanted to share my new addition to our family. She has been going on walks and runs (a way to get that energy out. Anyone who owns a German Shirthair, knows how energetic these dogs are).  By mid October she should be good to go hunting! She’s a great fit and so happy she is with our family!


Welcome 2016

It’s that time of year again where the Christmas tree and decorations come down, weight loss goals come into play and the gym is full of people wanting to lose weight for their New Years resolutions. Welcome 2016! Yes, I’m sounding cliche, but what can I say, it’s true about the beginning of the year.

I know how it goes, I’ve been there with the best of intentions, blowing dust off of long unused gym memberships, treadmills (even workout DVDs), eyes bright with resolutions and hope for the new year. Those extra few pounds didn’t stand a chance this year!

Then life steps in (or is it just the end of January that signals the end of motivation), and, like the Swallows leaving Capistrano, the gym empties….at least that’s how it looks when I would drive by, promising to go again tomorrow.

The last couple years I have been able to keep motivated through January, and I think it is mostly because I can work out at home when it is convenient and takes way less time than going to the gym.

So, if that list of standard cliches isn’t motivation enough, I will share my resolution with all my loyal readers in hopes that it will motivate me… It looks a lot like last year; workout regularly, but also make each workout count! No point in wasting time doing a half assed workout!

What are your New Year’s resolutions/goals for 2016?

Pickles for Mama!

Instead of writing about fitness, a healthy meal, or something else fitness related, I decided to give an update on my pregnancy instead (truth be told, my workouts lately are generally limited to short strolls, and no one wants to hear about that).
Being pregnant has been such an amazing experience so far (at least since the constant nausea has ended). At 24 weeks along, I’ve been able to feel her tiny kicks the last three weeks, my husband has too. I can’t quite describe the feeling but it feels like flutters going on in my stomach. When she is getting especially rambunctious I can feel light kicks without putting my hand over my stomach, and in the last week have even seen tiny kicks when looking at my bare tummy (she must be doing some crazy gymnastics in there for that to happen).
We had a doctor appointment this past Wednesday and everything is moving right along! Heard the heartbeat, and she is measuring perfectly for 24 weeks! We’ll be getting nursery painted, which, up till now has been the most contentious baby related decision so far (somehow it was much tougher to name our two dogs). it feels like time is running out to finish all the little stuff that has to be done before I have even more trouble getting around.

Other updates: my husband and I celebrated our three year wedding anniversary. Since we both were working, we “celebrated” by having dinner at the Hacienda, a Mexican food restaurant (no more dress up dinners at a fancy restaurant, just eating out is a nice diversion these days). We saw a 1 year old baby behaving badly and my husband and I agreed that wouldn’t be us next year (we will check back in and see how that is going, but I imagine all those well intentioned pledges go out the window along with a full night of sleep).

Saturday afternoon we harvested our first bunch of cucumbers (is there a proper adjective for a group of cucumbers?) from the garden (6 total) and since i am not a big fan of raw cucumbers, we decided to turn our bumper crop into dill pickles. Just add salt, spices and vinegar, wait two weeks, and any crazy pickle cravings will be taken care of, courtesy of the garden.

Any suggestions what we can do with our next batch of cucumbers?

Until next time…Ryann

A New Way of Working Out

I know it’s been a while since I last posted, but I have some exciting news I would like to share…I’m pregnant! This is a major change to most aspects of my life – no coffee, sub sands, no wine, asking what is in stuff, nauseous most of the time, grouchy for no reason, but I really didn’t want to give up working out. Working out has become a big part of my routine and it would be hard to quit now. So instead of sitting on the couch for 9 months, I have taken the docs advice about not lifting heavy things and keeping a low heart rate and modified my workouts accordingly. No Insanity for me. Some people will have different opinions about working out while pregnant, but my doctor says it’s perfectly fine, as long as I play it safe,
My workouts now consist of TurboFire, Brazil Butt Lift (gotta keep that butt perky), and lifting weights and using moves from P90X that are safe for a pregnant woman like myself. During TurboFire, there is jumping, but I make sure to do squats or leg lifts. Not only keeps my heart rate down, but adds a little strength component to the workout. When it calls for weightlifting, I keep the weights light (with more reps 12-14) and stop if I get winded. I make sure to stick to bicep curls, tricep extensions and what I feel is safe! I avoid anything like ab work (no Ab Ripper X)) or anything where I am laying on my back lifting weights. As I get further along in my pregnancy, I will be adding in prenatal yoga.

I have noticed that the benefits of working out while pregnant are not much different than working out while not pregnant, except now I am working out for my babies benefit too. Here are some of the benefits I have thought of so far (let me know what others you can think of):

1. Boost your energy
2. Sleep better
3. Reduce pregnancy discomfort
4. Prepare for childbirth
5. Reduce stress and lift your spirits
6. Improve your self-image
7. Get your body back faster after childbirth

Make sure when starting a fitness program, especially a BeachBody workout, talk to your doctor about the type of workouts you will be doing. Drink plenty of water during your workout and through the day and modify, modify, modify!

In other household fitness news, I would like to give a big thumbs up to my wonderful husband who finished 4th overall in the Silver State 50k race yesterday He just missed a trophy, but was happy to have a solid race.

Until next time,