The Day I Broke up with BeachBody Coaching

Breaking up is hard to do, but on June 27, 2017 I made a decision I didn’t want to make, but was long overdue.  I realized that I wasn’t putting in the effort required to take advantage of the opportunities BeachBody provides, so  I made my final decision on that day, and…we are now broken up.

When I decided to start my BeachBody career in 2011 it was with the enthusiasm of a new convert because BeachBody had changed my life.  I was excited to help the whole world lose weight, gain muscle and most importantly, just be healthy like I had learned to do.  I was ready to be a cheerleader, helper and supporter for life!

BeachBody was going great, but when I had my daughter in October 2013, I just lost all motivation to continue recruiting people.  I regularly tried to re-motivate myself, but it just didn’t work.  As I continued to struggle and ultimately quit trying, I realized I wasn’t willing to saturate social media with the same gimmicky and repetitive posts the successful coaches were living on.  Here is what I noticed needed to be done:

-Post on social media post workout sweaty pictures/videos.  Why can’t it be like the “olden” days when people just did their workout and moved on with their day?  I will admit, I have posted some sweaty pics on my IG page, but I tried my best to hide my mismatch workout attire and messy hair. I don’t even look “cute” when I wake up, why would I want to document it when I look like even more of a hot mess?  Does that make someone want to workout?  Maybe.

-Drink shakeology daily and post outstanding results at the same rate. I was never able to make shakeology a habit, but not sure why.  Maybe because my lifestyle isn’t rushed I don’t need a balanced shake to drink on the go when I can get the same nutrition from eating fresh balanced meals. I drank it once in a while and would try the new flavors (by the way, there are TWO NEW flavors available now: vegan chocolate and vanilla), but never noticed a spike of vitality after pounding a shake, even when I did drink it regularly.

There are other diffences between when I was a DVD thumping convert and my current state of apathy, like:

-Way more workouts and nit just P90X and Insanity (plus some others but those were the main cardio and weight workout at the time)

All Access Workouts or BOD (beachbody on demand)-stream your workouts anywhere from your phone, tablet, iPad or laptop even if you’re in a hotel or at the beach.

-challenge packs (add link) you purchase a workout (on DVD) or all chess and get shakeology along with it  much cheaper than separate purchases

Not to fear regular reader, I will still be here writing about my workouts, healthy food, and  any other health and fitness topics as they tickle my fancy, but no more BeachBody pushing.  I will also write about other happenings in my life (like a new puppy), but that’s a different post!


All Access Pass

What if I told you that you could have access to EVERY SINGLE BeachBody program ever created? Probably you would laugh, snort empahtically and mutter something about “next time I win the lottery”. Up until recently, I would totally agree, after all, it has taken me years, and I don’t know how much money to fill a shelf on our DVD rack with just a small portion of the BeachBody workouts. But, something magical happened, and BeachBody has decided to offer streaming access to their workouts. If access to your workout from anywhere isn’t good enough, they took it a step further and opened up streaming access every workout ever published! Wow!
This wonderful new program is called the All Access Pass and includes my old favorites like P90X, Insanity: Max 30, Piyo, Body Beast, Country Heat as well as ones I would like to try like Chalene Extreme and TurboJam.  All Access also includes the just released Core de Force (a mixed martial arts that uses no equipment) and other new release workouts!
At this point, I bet you are still standing by the “win the lottery” comment because access to all workouts sounds really expensive and only really there for the upper 1%, but the best part is one year of access to the All Access Pass is only $100 for a whole year! Plus, add a month of shakeology, and it is just $199!
No lottery winning required!

A quick breakdown of the math shows that by a (cough *conservative*) average, I buy two workouts per year, totaling well over $100. So subscribing to All Access will simultaneously allow me to spend less money, access more workouts, and keep my workouts fresh. Plus having a DVD rack is so 2000’s…..what’s not to like?
Hit me up if you have any questions about the service, how it works or how to get the most out of your subscription!image

BeachBody on Demand

It happens to the best of us, just dont feel up to doing same workout from the same DVD. Probably tomorrow I will be back in the groove, but this morning I decided to try out one of Beachbody’s new workouts I have been reading about called Master’s Hammer and Chisel. But h
ow am I going to do that you ask? It wont be available until December you say…I say quit living in the past and check out Beachbody’s new streaming service-BeachBody on Demand (BOD)! Just in case you skipped my last post, BOD is a great perk available to anybody who opts to save money by buying a challenge pack!

I think of BOD like my most favorite 21st invention: Netflix, except for workouts. It’s great because it allows me to try out different workouts without any waiting or commitment required. Just be quick because Hammer and Chisel is only available for a limited time.

Two workouts are available-Iso Speed Hammer (taught by Sagi Kalev, known for Body Beast) and Total Body Chisel (taught by Autumn Calbrese, known for 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme). After trying it, I think Hammer and Chisel will live up to its name and be an amazing program. It is more intense than P90X/X3, and it is certainly enjoyable in a massochistic, slightly twisted way.

I’m also excited about BOD so I can try other workouts like Body Beast, Asylum, Tony Horton’s One on One, Turbo Jam by Chalene Johnson, even one of Tony’s newer workouts P90. So many variations, so little time. Of course I will still use my DVDs, but plan on streaming the workouts I don’t have, especially when a one day change up is what I need to add some pep to my workout.


Other workouts available by the trainers.

Other workouts available by the trainers.

Where I set up my BOD workouts.

Where I set up my BOD workouts.

What is a Challenge Pack?

I don’t think anybody would deny that BeachBody workouts and Shakeology are an extremely important part of a healthy lifestyle, especially for busy people who need to wedge workouts and healthy eating into a packed schedule. I have been a coach for a while, and want to guess what the number reason most people don’t want to at least try BeachBody? The COST!! (and this isn’t even close, the next highest reason for not wanting to try a BeachBody product is something about a government conspiracy…).
So, with that in mind, I thought I would share a great way to save on initial costs of starting BeachBody as well as monthly costs: a “challenge pack” (cue trumpets!). A challenge pack comes with the workout of your choice, Shakeology (your choice of flavor(s) and packets/bag (how many packets???? One months worth), 30 day trial for the team BeachBody club membership (Club membership-receive 10% discount, meal plans, VIP access, coach guidance, super gym, and message boards), a coach to support you on your journey and a 30 day trial to BOD-BeachBody on Demand. The best part about that long list is the on Demand part, which means workouts are streamed (no need to haul around a DVD player and TV), and it lets you try out new workouts while on the go with your mobile device. Think of it as having a Netflix membership, except no regrets for binge watching, or funny looks from your significant other for pre-watching.

Here is the cost breakdown to get PiYo (my personal most favorite workout) and one month of shakeology:
– no challenge pack: PiYo for $59.85 plus shakeology for $130. Total is $189.85, plus round up to $200 including shipping/tax.
– with challenge pack: total is $160 which includes all the great perks listed above, including PiYo.
Total savings = $40, plus the 10% discount if you decide to buy another month of Shakeology while you are at it.

Breaking it down, a challenge pack is the way to go instead of buying the items separately! Unless you are still convinced that challenge packs are a government conspiracy…..