They’re Watching us…

They’re watching us…

As a parent, I feel strongly that living a healthy lifestyle is the best gift I can give my daughter. Lifetime benefits aside, working out regularly and eating healthy allows me to enjoy the little things like running around with her in the yard and carrying her when she gets tired on a walk. These little perks of being healthy make me happy, but another benefit is that she is learning what it means to be healthy without any pressure from me. It is becoming clear that, after being my workout buddy for almost 3.5 years (sorry Steve, you have been replaced), she is learning that working out is a normal part of everyday life, and she imitates my workout routine right down to the small details.

Before I press play on my all-access pass, I put on a long sleeved shirt (just until I warm up since I’m ALWAYS cold), so she puts on her fleece. I put my hair up in a ponytail, so she puts her hair up in a ponytail and sets her water bottle next to mine. She always join me for the warmup routine with me with some rather creative jumping jacks and stretching. After the warm up, sometimes she gets bored and scampers off to do her own thing, but sometimes she attempts a full workout.

Last week I caught her doing her version of pushups, which were definitely not up to military standard, but she was having fun. It makes me happy when I catch her randomly doing yoga, squats/lunges, or making her own weights out of foam blocks.

Hopefully being exposed to fun workouts at a young age means that working out will become a normal part of her life, but, for the moment I am enjoying every part of our daily workout routine.

Do your kids workout with you?