Working Out With a Toddler


While doing my 22 Minute Hard Corps workout this afternoon, my daughter wanted to join in on the fun. 22 Minute Hard Corps requires a lot of jumping back and forth and up and down, which is quite hard when I have a toddler who is trying her hardest to mimic my movements. She is pretty good at mimicking, but is always half a step behind, ensuring she is going back when I am trying to go forth. While trying to do mountain climbers, it was the same story, she was crawling underneath me. What’s a parent to do while trying to workout with a very mobile child?

Here is what I find works best for us:

First, I try really hard to make sure there are plenty of toys, and other non-workout related activities readily available, but hard to since jumping around with mom is a lot more interesting than the same old toys. Since I workout in the living room, her toys, play kitchen and coloring supplies are available so I can keep an eye on her if she decides to play on her own. Sometimes she’s pretty good at not bothering me too much….

When toys don’t work, sometimes it is easier to have her join in! She already knows how to bear walk (there’s a move in the 22MHC, Cardio 1), she likes to do downward dog and jumps around when I’m doing some sort of jumping or running in place type move.

My final thought is that it can be difficult to workout with a toddler present, and working out while they are elsewhere (or sleeping) is very enticing, but I believe that having them around is setting a good example, plus watching her try to do some of the moves can be fun!

22 Minute Hard Corps Review



Please indulge a moment of extreme de-motivational energy, but here goes:
I hate push-ups and burpees.
Whenever one of these two exercises pops up on part of my current workout, I tell myself, “burpees aren’t that bad…”, until I do a couple, and yup, sure enough, I was right, full on hate. Same with push-ups. I’m not sure why I hate them so much more than any other moves (some of which are more painful or harder), but that’s just the way it is.
That is all, now onto some positive workout related info….

Anyway, I am currently working out with a Tony Horton workout called 22 Minute Hard Corps. I decided to start this new program because for the past few weeks I’ve been feeling very unmotivated to commit myself to another 60 or 90 day workout with a program I have completed several times in the past couple years. I was randomly mixing up workout between P90X3, Piyo or a quick TurboFire HIIT, and (big surprise) I wasn’t feeling like the workouts were beneficial. I guess following a program is better than doing random workouts, who knew…

I have found that the best solution to solving low motivation is spending money on a new workout program, so I was looking around on the website and found a new boot camp/military style workout called 22 Minute Hard Corps. I really like it so far, and the best part is that it’s only 22 minutes long! Don’t think that because the workouts are only 22 minutes long this workout is easy, it’s not.
While each workout is only 22 minutes, they definitely get the job done! 22MHC includes as a lot of basic moves we all remember from gym class like pull ups, squats, lunges, some plyometrics, bear crawls, gorilla crawls (a killer leg workout) as well as the afore mentioned push-ups and burpees.
I also really like the fact that all the people on the DVD are from differently military branches (nothing but support for our men and women in uniform!), and they do all the workouts wearing a 22 Min Hard Corps shirt, camo pants and combat boots. The workouts are done in a cadence reminiscent of military drills (at least the ones I have seen on TV), with everyone counting plus a little drumming music in the background. The cadence is something I had to get use to as I’m not use to doing a workout by this style. Tony goes around counting and motivating the others. There are three rounds with 5-7 moves and a 22 second break. During the first round, there is someone to show a demo of the move including a modified version. There’s also a killer ab workout that’s done on the cardio days.
I highly recommend this workout for its intensity and relatively quick time table – it’s quick and gets the job done! The change I made that helps me get through it is turning on upbeat music in the background because I don’t like hearing the cadences. If you’re someone who is short on time or has a toddler running around, this is a great workout. Another plus is the required equipment is very basic, just a pull up bar, jump mat, and weights (or a sandbag), plus water and a towel…..

Here’s a preview of the workouts!


Cherries, Cherries and More Cherries!

Frozen cherries, dehydrated cherries, cherry pies, cherry jam…I’m sounding a little like Forrest Gump, but only because we had so many fresh cherries off my parents tree we didn’t know what to do with them except, make pies, jam, freeze and dehydrate!


My parents begged us to pick as many cherries as possible while they were (conveniently, as it turns out) out of town this past week. Without hesitation, without even an inkling of an impending catch, I said yes and then it was off to do some cherry picking. My first rule of fresh fruit picking is to take regular samples to make sure the product is up to standard, but seeing as how these are SOUR cherries, beyond confirming the sourness, I wasn’t about to keep on putting myself through any more tasting then necessary. But free, fresh fruit is free, fresh fruit, so we all pitched in picked a gigantic bowl full. A bowl full of fresh cherries is sort of a wintertime dream come true, but processing these little gems was closer to a nightmare. I spend the next couple days pitting cherries. The good news was that my mom loaned me a cherry pitter, the bad news was that these sour balls of fun were slightly too small for the pitter to pop out the seed like I am used to with normal sized cherries. That means running them through the pitter once to loosen the pit, then going back through and picking out the pits by hand. Thousands of times. Did I mention we picked a lot of cherries?

Homemade cherry jam made at nap time!

Generally, with strict tasting requirements in place, there wouldn’t be many cherries left to make into other things, but Addison was the only person who could eat them and keep a straight face. When life gives you a pile of sour cherries, add sugar should be a saying, because that’s exactly what we did! The jam recipe we used called for equal volumes of sugar and cherries, which seemed completely outrageous when measuring out the sugar, but I will say this jam turned out just the way we wanted! It’s definitely not low calorie or low sugar, but the jam turned out awesome. Jam making is an intense process (careful measuring, lava-like liquid splattering, time constraints etc.), but we managed to make 12 jars in just under 2 hours. Just as a warning, if you have never made jam, do not try making jam with little kids running around, that could end in a disaster a number of different ways.


As for the dehydrated cherries, I knew they had to be sweetened somehow, so some internet searching let me to a kind blogger who shared her experience with trying to re-create the Trader Joes cherry snacks. Following her recipe, I boiled them in sugar water for 20 minutes, drained, then dehydrated for about 5 hours (time and temp will vary for different dehydrators). Very tasty, although the bowl of cherries I started with ended up fitting in a small container.


My little helper sealing the frozen cherries

Now that I don’t have any more cherries to pit, I will say it was a productive week of preserving, and nice to get some winter supplies into the pantry this early in the summer. Hopefully, next year the cherries won’t be quite so bountiful.