BeachBody on Demand

It happens to the best of us, just dont feel up to doing same workout from the same DVD. Probably tomorrow I will be back in the groove, but this morning I decided to try out one of Beachbody’s new workouts I have been reading about called Master’s Hammer and Chisel. But h
ow am I going to do that you ask? It wont be available until December you say…I say quit living in the past and check out Beachbody’s new streaming service-BeachBody on Demand (BOD)! Just in case you skipped my last post, BOD is a great perk available to anybody who opts to save money by buying a challenge pack!

I think of BOD like my most favorite 21st invention: Netflix, except for workouts. It’s great because it allows me to try out different workouts without any waiting or commitment required. Just be quick because Hammer and Chisel is only available for a limited time.

Two workouts are available-Iso Speed Hammer (taught by Sagi Kalev, known for Body Beast) and Total Body Chisel (taught by Autumn Calbrese, known for 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme). After trying it, I think Hammer and Chisel will live up to its name and be an amazing program. It is more intense than P90X/X3, and it is certainly enjoyable in a massochistic, slightly twisted way.

I’m also excited about BOD so I can try other workouts like Body Beast, Asylum, Tony Horton’s One on One, Turbo Jam by Chalene Johnson, even one of Tony’s newer workouts P90. So many variations, so little time. Of course I will still use my DVDs, but plan on streaming the workouts I don’t have, especially when a one day change up is what I need to add some pep to my workout.


Other workouts available by the trainers.

Other workouts available by the trainers.

Where I set up my BOD workouts.

Where I set up my BOD workouts.

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