What is a Challenge Pack?

I don’t think anybody would deny that BeachBody workouts and Shakeology are an extremely important part of a healthy lifestyle, especially for busy people who need to wedge workouts and healthy eating into a packed schedule. I have been a coach for a while, and want to guess what the number reason most people don’t want to at least try BeachBody? The COST!! (and this isn’t even close, the next highest reason for not wanting to try a BeachBody product is something about a government conspiracy…).
So, with that in mind, I thought I would share a great way to save on initial costs of starting BeachBody as well as monthly costs: a “challenge pack” (cue trumpets!). A challenge pack comes with the workout of your choice, Shakeology (your choice of flavor(s) and packets/bag (how many packets???? One months worth), 30 day trial for the team BeachBody club membership (Club membership-receive 10% discount, meal plans, VIP access, coach guidance, super gym, and message boards), a coach to support you on your journey and a 30 day trial to BOD-BeachBody on Demand. The best part about that long list is the on Demand part, which means workouts are streamed (no need to haul around a DVD player and TV), and it lets you try out new workouts while on the go with your mobile device. Think of it as having a Netflix membership, except no regrets for binge watching, or funny looks from your significant other for pre-watching.

Here is the cost breakdown to get PiYo (my personal most favorite workout) and one month of shakeology:
– no challenge pack: PiYo for $59.85 plus shakeology for $130. Total is $189.85, plus round up to $200 including shipping/tax.
– with challenge pack: total is $160 which includes all the great perks listed above, including PiYo.
Total savings = $40, plus the 10% discount if you decide to buy another month of Shakeology while you are at it.

Breaking it down, a challenge pack is the way to go instead of buying the items separately! Unless you are still convinced that challenge packs are a government conspiracy…..



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