Barefoot Workouts

Every time I start a new workout program, the trainers always mention what type of shoe to wear, usually a cross trainer due to a lot of lateral movement. Personally, I don’t wear shoes for a number of reasons:
– we inside workout types dont have to show off our $200 sneakers to our gym buddies.
– among all the random stuff on our living room floor I’m pretty confident there are no sharp rocks or thorns waiting to injure my feet
– tying shoes is tough first thing in the morning
– studies have shown the benefits of walking (or running) barefoot to be substantial for both strengthening foot and leg muscles and injury prevention. I figured that has to do with any workout, right?

My feelings towards shoes have changed as I got more into home workouts – as new, impressionable P90x user I wore shoes (mainly the plyo workout) because I always do what I’m told, but when I started Insanity: Max 30, I went without and never missed them!

I was out and about one day and saw some guy wearing those Vibram 5 finger shoes in the grocery store (not even Walmart!), and while they may be ergonomic, they looked so odd to me I don’t know why anyone would want to wear them for a workout let alone, around town.
There are many websites out there that discuss this topic. Pros and cons to wearing shoes during a workout, why it’s good for your feet etc. but I will let you make your own decision about wearing shoes or going barefoot during a workout.

Do you prefer to workout with shoes or no shoes?



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