Baby Weight

Sometimes it feels like I am constantly working out even when I do finish my 30 minutes. Want to know how? Well, I’ve got an extra 22 pound toddler to lug around daily. From picking her up, setting her down (squats), running to grab her before she gets into something she’s not suppose to (quick reflexes and cardio). A few weeks ago, my husband decided to go out in the backyard and do some lunges. He decided to use our daughter for the extra weight.
There will be days when I don’t want to workout and follow along on the tv, so instead of totally slacking, at least I have my 19 month old to use…no excuses right?
So in addition to my usual P90X routine, I have been adding a few extra exercises. These have taken months to evolve, and are still constantly changing. Great care should be taken not to jump into these workouts without proper preperation. The exercises I am talking about are as follows:
-The scramble-jump up from a sitting position, dodge around blocks, over toys and catch the toddler before she empties a kitchen cupboard.
-The squirm weight-carrying a squirming, usually screaming toddler to a bath, bedtime or other undesirable activity. Think “shake weight” results without looking like you are doing unmentionable things! Be sure to engage your core and feel the burn in biceps, core and ear drums!
-Lunges-a baby adds a perfect amount of resistance for lunges when picking her up off the floor. Bend those knees and use those gluteus! Seriously, a baby on my back is a great way to add some resistance to lunges and I throw a few sets into walks with the baby in the backpack. The funny looks from other dog walkers are just a plus….




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