Produce Delivery

Since my daughter has now been eating solid foods, my husband and I have been making regular trips to Whole Foods or the organic section at the grocery store to make sure she’s getting all the healthy fruits and veggies she can eat. I got sick of trying to shop with little Ms. Grabber reaching out to anything on the shelves (visions of her pulling down an entire display stand dance through my head every trip) and my husband really doesn’t like even going into Whole Foods, let alone browsing for vegetables. I have friends that have produce delivered, and that seemed like an easy solution to our little first world problem.
We carefully made our selections, waited breathlessly and finally the special day came. I waited by the door, and that glorious white plastic box showed up magically on our doorstep, as if delivered by organic elves.
In the container we found a beautiful head of butter lettuce, super leafy collard greens, Pluot (cross between a plum and apricot, very good by the way), gala apples, bananas, small sweet potatoes, white onion, oranges, a bag of carrots and a grapefruit. All in all we were impressed with our delivery, both quality and quantity. The only problem is the baby wasn’t impressed that there were only 2 bananas – she goes through that many “nanas” in a few minutes. She calmed down when I told her we could go back to the store for more.


The other main perk is that we really get to expand our vegetable horizons with varieties that are hard to find or I never consider buying, I mean who has ever heard of a Pluot?
Once the garden starts producing, we may change our delivery to every two weeks, which is easy to do by the way. All things considered, this seems like a really good way to get our vegetables.

Have you ever considered getting produce delivered to your house?

2 thoughts on “Produce Delivery

  1. Sounds like a great idea! I really like getting good food without having to think about it. How is your garden coming along? Haven’t had any updates!

    • Yes, we love it too! So much easier than going to the store every couple of days. Thank you for asking about our garden. It’s coming along. We’ll post an update soon!

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