Working Out While Sick

Usually I don’t get sick very often, but twice this year a cold has caught up with my whole family. Probably something to do with that new 22 pound germ factory…. No puking or anything, just extra tired, coughing, runny nose. The kind of sick where a solid night of sleep works wonders, but guess what, no sleeping with a sick baby in the house.

Enough complaining, but being sick twice so close together gave me a perfect (although inadvertent – there is only so far I will go to test a theory, and being sick is no fun!) opportunity to compare two different approaches working out when sick. The first time on the sick train I was excited to finish my first week of Insanity: Max: 30,…pushing hard to get in all the workouts. I didn’t listen to my tired legs, hacking cough and general crummy feeling. Long story short, I ended up taking off the entire second week just to recover (plus a lot of coughing up nasty green stuff). The second time around with the same symptoms, I got a little bit smarter and took a few days off before the cold really got ahold of me….the result – only a few workouts skipped, no prolonged hacking and minimal green chunks.

Moral of the story: take a day off (or two) and see how it goes and don’t jump back into the hard core workouts on the first symptom free day. Today when I got back to it I felt great, and happy to be back to my workouts again!

On the other hand, sometimes I feel a little tired and run down, but I work out anyway, and feel great afterwards….energized and ready to chase after a 2 foot tall terrorist for another 4 hours. How to tell the difference between being lazy and getting sick? Wish I knew, but that is a topic for another time…..

Do you work out when you’re sick?