Insanity: Max 30 Review

Just when I thought my workouts couldn’t get any more intense, I welcome Insanity: Max 30 to the mix. This is my first Shaun T (creator of Insanity, Rockin Body, Hip Hop Abs, Insanity: Asylum Volume 1 and 2) workout and I must say, this is the hardest cardio workout I’ve ever attempted. In the past I have cursed Tony and Chalene between labored breaths, but Shaun T has topped them all (it is very hard to cuss Shaun T-there just isn’t enough time between breaths!) Looking back, their workouts seem like a walk in the park and I feel like a sissy for even thinking those old workouts were tough.

So, to date I finished my first two weeks of Max 30, however, I took off the second week due to a horrible cough that left me hacking up a lung when not doing cardio, so I thought it would be best for my body to rest. Note to self: when you feel even the slightest bit sick, take some time off; this workout will make you full on sick very quickly.

Max out [maks-out] verb, to stop or fail for the first time in the workout“.
The point of this workout is to “max out” then record the time where you have to stop and rest (it doesn’t mean quit). I see how long I can take a beating from Shaun T-this means I go as hard as I can for as long as I can from the starting point. I’m sure my spectators (dogs, baby and cat) wonder why I keep putting myself through this agony. Part of the reason I like this system is that the workouts are all different and include plyo, lots and lots of squats (I thought there were a lot of squats in PiYo, but boy was I wrong), burpees (different variations), push ups, ab work (three times a week is a 10 min ab routine) tabata (workout for 20 seconds rest 10 seconds), and tons more moves. Even the warm up which crazy hard-I always feel like I will max out early. Take a breath, then onto the actual workout. Each set lasts a few minutes, including repeats of 4-5 of the moves three times and then a quick break (20 seconds, just enough time to flop on the floor like a gasping fish) then there’s another beating. There is a two minute cool down at the very end, so the workout last 32 minutes. Remember to always cool down!

Take away after a few weeks:

-Shaun T is always right there, in my face, talking me through the pain, even when I don’t want to hear it! Most of the time, I’m waiting-either for that long 30 min to end, or for those precious 20 second breaks to start.
-Did I mention the workout is only 30 min? Perfect for me with a 17 month old baby who thinks being cooped up in her pack and play while mom works her butt off is totally ruining her life! At least she can’t talk yet and tell me exactly how she feels. She does find it entertaining to see me huffing and puffing during a “water break” (she probably would call it lying on the floor whimpering, but what does she know).
-There is a modifier in every workout to accomodate all intensity levels. Sometimes I choose to focus only on the modifier throughout the whole workout, much more manageable for days when I am feeling lazy.

Do you have a favorite cardio workout?

My Max times for the first two weeks...not too bad!

My Max times for the first two weeks…not too bad!