Getting Back in the Groove

Now that the new year is here and I posted a blog about motivation, I find myself supremely unmotivated. So much for setting manageable goals and reaching them (take the current two month blog hiatus for proof). I haven’t even been motivated enough to set any goals, let alone reach one. Sad to say even my soulmate workout PiYo, has left me feeling bored, and boredom seems to be the deal breaker for me and a workout.

It’s not like I haven’t been working out, more just going through the motions, and that doesn’t help the cause of staying fit. Working out needs to be fun, enjoyable and worth looking forward to, but lately it has been a chore, ughhh, hate feeling like this. I tried everything I can think of to jump start my motivation; mixing in other workouts (P90X3, Body Beast Lucky 7 and TurboFire), taking a break (for some reason that made me feel even lazier), watching 80s workout videos online (hoping fluorescent spandex would snap me out of my funk), and even feeding myself the old line “exercise makes me feel good and I love getting that natural high after a sweat fest”. No dice for any of my attempts….

One trick that does seem to be helping a little bit is working out first thing in the morning, probably since my fuzzy mind can’t rationalize putting off working out so easily.

In order to get at the root of the problem, and meet my goal of looking great when spring/summer arrives, I am planning on ordering (and starting!) the new Shaun T workout Insanity: Max 30, that is if I don’t put that off too, maybe I should set another goal….

What do you do to stay motivated with your workouts?