PiYo Review

Of all the BeachBody workouts I’ve done (I wont share the real number, but it’s more than a few), I have to say this is my all time favorite. Why you ask? Instead of a long winded thesis, here are my top 4 reasons ( I wont bore you with my top 100).
1) I feel great, not just because I got my workout done, but because stretching is included without even realizing it. As long as this stays between you and me, I almost always skip the stretching portion of other workouts, especially when it’s separate. A bad habit for sure, but one I don’t have to worry about any more!
2) The workouts are short. They last between 18-45 minutes, Drench (they don’t call it that for nothing) is the longest.
3) PiYo comes with 9 workouts
-Align: The Fundamentals (basically an intro to all the PiYo moves)
-Define: Lower Body
-Define: Upper Body
-Strength Intervals
-Drench (45 min; it’s the longest one)
-Bonus: TurboFire Low HIIT 20
4) Chalene is very motivating. She makes it feel like I’m going to fall to the floor as my muscles are screaming for mercy – definitely a good thing.
In summary (just in case it’s not obvious already), with PiYo I feel stronger and have found my soulmate workout (sorry P90X).
If you want a more detailed explanation what PiYo is all about, click this link below.

Until next time…Ryann

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