Goals vs Resolutions

It’s that time of year again when we all make our new resolutions for the new year. Whether it’s to lose weight (always seems to be the number one resolution), eat healthier, make more time for loved ones and friends, read more books, or become a famous concert pianist, I don’t know of many people who stick to a resolution for more than a few weeks. Just think about how crowded gyms are in January (I know this because I could never find a treadmill when I went in January, but there were plenty of parking spots when I would drive by in May….

I am no psychologist, but I have reached my recent weight loss and workout related goals, (plus I have a blog and need to fill it up with some mindless New Years related drivel), so I will share my thoughts.

To me resolutions are great, but a resolution of “losing x lbs this year” is really hard to reach since it isn’t time specific. I am one of the top procrastinators I know of, and live by the saying that if something is worth doing, it is going to get done at the last possible moment, so having a resolution with one year to reach means I can put it off until at least november. All (ok, both) of the resolutions I have reached have been broken down into manageable, quantifiable, goals that have short time limits. For example…instead of saying “I need to lose 10 pounds” this year, I start at the root of losing weight, which is to exercise regularly and eat smart(er). Along these lines, a goal of working out 5 days a week, 30 minutes per workout, is short term, easy to keep track of, and impossible to fake. Plus, I know if I meet this goal, I will meet my resolution of losing without even worrying about it.

Meeting any resolution is easier said than done, especially when the demands of life get in the way, but breaking the resolution down into manageable pieces has really helped me, and I recommend giving it a try. Any other tips, please share!

What are your “goals” for 2015?

Homemade Baby Food

When our pediatrician said we could start giving Addison solid food, I was ecstatic because all I saw was the end of pumping!  My excitement lasted right up until she gave me the informative baby food pamphlet and saw that the restricted/suggested food list was gonna take some work to follow.  My excitement returned when I went shopping for baby food and saw the great assortment of creative and wacky flavors available (apple peach oatmeal; spinach lentil brown rice; pumpkin and spinach).  At the register my excitement went away when I calculated the cost per ounce, and further inspection didn’t reveal any hidden gold or diamonds in the jar.  After feeding her a couple jars (and tasting for myself), I wasn’t impressed with the ingredients or sources for the common, supermarket baby food; they all seemed bland and processed.

With that low level of excitement, and some spare time, I busted out the baby Breeza we got for a Christmas gift.  The helpful pamphlet made setup easy, and the basic baby food recipes made for a good starting point to start creating homemade baby food.  The BB is great, it is like a food processor that steams as well as purées all in the same container.

In the summer our garden produced almost all of the raw ingredients for baby food, but now that the garden isn’t producing, we rely on organic produce to keep the baby fed.  After some trial and error (and a few messes), I am now freezing the semi-liquid baby food in ice cube trays, then transferring to freezer bags when it is frozen.  This allows for easy measuring (that is if you measure in cubes), easy transport (mason jars work well), and quick defrost in the microwave.

On any given day Addison gets sweet potatoes (her favorite), yams, rice, quinoa, ground turkey, fresh chukar, apples, beets, chard, and kale.  She really enjoys my concoctions, and I know exactly what she is eating, which makes me feel good.  Exact comparisons are not very easy, but cost wise the homemade baby food pencils out a little bit cheaper than store bought.

Hopefully she will get a taste for these healthy ingredients and be on her way to a lifetime of healthy eating.



PiYo Review

Of all the BeachBody workouts I’ve done (I wont share the real number, but it’s more than a few), I have to say this is my all time favorite. Why you ask? Instead of a long winded thesis, here are my top 4 reasons ( I wont bore you with my top 100).
1) I feel great, not just because I got my workout done, but because stretching is included without even realizing it. As long as this stays between you and me, I almost always skip the stretching portion of other workouts, especially when it’s separate. A bad habit for sure, but one I don’t have to worry about any more!
2) The workouts are short. They last between 18-45 minutes, Drench (they don’t call it that for nothing) is the longest.
3) PiYo comes with 9 workouts
-Align: The Fundamentals (basically an intro to all the PiYo moves)
-Define: Lower Body
-Define: Upper Body
-Strength Intervals
-Drench (45 min; it’s the longest one)
-Bonus: TurboFire Low HIIT 20
4) Chalene is very motivating. She makes it feel like I’m going to fall to the floor as my muscles are screaming for mercy – definitely a good thing.
In summary (just in case it’s not obvious already), with PiYo I feel stronger and have found my soulmate workout (sorry P90X).
If you want a more detailed explanation what PiYo is all about, click this link below.

Until next time…Ryann