Partial Vegetarian

Saturday I made a trip to the happiest place on earth, a place everyone, and I mean EVERYONE loves going on a Saturday…Costco! My husband hates even going into the parking lot and leaves bloody fingernail drag marks if I try to drag him in, so I go by myself to keep everybody (including other shoppers) happy, plus I love getting samples (shopping and lunch, ultimate multi tasking!)
In the past, every few weeks I would buy big packages of chicken breasts and ground turkey in order to fill the “protein” portion of our nightly meals. That’s the way a meal has to be, right? Meat, starch and vegetables. Nothing wrong with that, especially when we use organic brown rice or quinoa for starch and garden fresh veggies. We recently decided to take healthy eating to the next level and become “partial vegetarians”. What I mean by partial vegetarian is we only eat meat three days per week because, for now I don’t think I could become a full vegetarian (meat is just too tasty!).
Back to my Recent costco trip, I realized our food expenses have gone down by about half! Nice chunk of change for a family trying to save up for a college education in 18 years! Among the other positives besides saving money, I feel much healthier and have a warm, fuzzy feeling knowing vegetarian meals are definitely more environmentally sustainable than meals using mass produced grocery store meat products.
Just to be clear, having a vegetarian meal doesn’t mean just skipping the meat portion of a classic meat and potatoes recipe; it takes work and planning to combine grains and dairy to create a complete protein. I recommend doing some serious research before embarking on any vegetarian diet. So far I have been making stir fry like meals with quinoa or rice, beans, some spices, corn, peas, onions and bell peppers (plus lots of cheese to keep my husband happy), lentil loaf (with extra catsup and some imagination, tastes kind of like meatloaf….), and loaded burritos with lots of good whole grains.

What’s your favorite vegetarian recipe?

Until next time… Ryann

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