Homemade Bread

To me there is a distinct difference between being “fit” and being “healthy”. Working out regularly is very important, and will lead to being fit, but not necesarily being healthy. Being healthy is a full time, full body commitment, both inside and out. In order to take a step towards a healthier lifestyle for my family as well as myself, I have been trying to cut back on the preservatives consumed in our house.
Ever read the ingredients on the “healthy” bread? Take a look and try not to be shocked, but our healthy bread had a lot of the unhealthy ingredients I try to avoid otherwise like this. Also check out this link here about bread having the same ingredients as yoga mats.
The solution was to either buy the really fancy, expensive bread from the bakery, or learn to make our own. Being heavy on time and short on money, we decided to start making our own. Coming from someone who is not a baker, and can really screw up simple things like cookies (nobody likes my blackened, crispy sheet cookies, how can butter and sugar taste that bad??), learning to bake bread has been surprisingly easy.
From beginning to end it takes about 3 hours, which seems like a lot of time, but the actual time spent “working” is only about 15 minutes, the rest is rising time and baking time.
The benefits are that the homemade bread definitely tastes better if I do say so myself, the house smells awesome for hours afterwards, and I know exactly what the ingredients are, and it is a much shorter list than on the store bought bread.
I make the recipe out of a cookbook but have “perfected” it a little bit. There are tons of recipes out there so I won’t bore you with a recipe, just play google roulette with “wheat breat recipe”.

Until next time…Ryann




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