Quinoa Comfort Food

What is quinoa?
1. a goosefoot found in the Andes, where it was widely cultivated for its edible starchy seeds before the introduction of Old World grains.
2. That funny looking grain stuff from health food stores that everybody has heard is healthy but nobody knows exactly what to do with or how to cook.


I believe the first definition, but fall squarely within the second definition. Ever since Costco started carrying bulk, organic quinoa I have been buying it and adding it to at least a couple meals per week. When I say “adding” it, I mean cooking it like rice as a side dish. My husband likes it because he “adds flavor” with salt, pepper, butter and cheese, but that kind of defeats the purpose of including a healthy grain with our meal. So, with that in mind I am always looking for new quinoa recipes that incorporate it into the meal, not just a side dish. I came upon this recipe and wanted to give this one a try.
People who know me really well, know that I love my comfort food, especially during the colder months. I figure this quinoa meatloaf would do the trick and decided to give it a try:

I found the meal filling and flavorful. However, I made a few tweaks:
-I made one cup of quinoa and only added a half cup into the meatloaf
-Instead of tomato paste I used ketchup
-Did not use hot pepper sauce; that can be optional
-The recipe says to cook some of the other ingredients. I just cooked the quinoa, got a separate bowl and added the other ingredients as is, mixed it all well together with my hand and put it in a bread pan to cook.



Did you know quinoa has the highest percentage of protein than any other grain?

What’s your favorite quinoa recipe?

The Future

This is a fitness blog, but lately getting off the couch is plenty hard enough, so needless to say it has been months since I have done any workouts beyond a leisurely walk. So, during this down time I have been planning for post baby workouts.
The first part of my plan for when the baby comes is to do more aerobic cross training (walking), so, to that end we just purchased the bob sport utility stroller (easy to push and holds a lot of stuff, but with big tires and full suspension to keep my husband interested!). So far it seems great pushing it across the living room, but a review will have to wait since people may look at me funny if I strap Steve into it for a trial run. Picture a rolling, black and white version of a “grumpy cat” demotivational poster, complete with with a rude and unprintable caption. To read more about my workout buddy, Steve, click here
The second fitness plan I am really excited about is P90X3, which is just like the original P90X, but only takes 30 min. This is exciting because each workout only takes 30 min, so it will be easy to fit in while she is napping!

Five great reasons I’m looking forward to doing P90X3:
1). It’s only 30 minutes long and perfect for me when I’m taking care of a baby because my life will be a time crunch.
2). Is not a graduate program, therefore, I should be able to pick it up quickly even if I am a bit rusty from my layoff. Also, I don’t have a P90X2 diploma.
3). I have all the required equipment – just a pull up bar and weights.
4). There is a modifier in each workout for people like me who are getting back into shape.
5). There is a separate DVD for the warm up and I can throw it in if i have the extra time.

The new P90X3 workout being released December 10, 2013

Here’s a preview of the new P90X3 workout