Watermelon and Cherries=Miracle Food?

With the muscle confusion technique employed by p90x, I was sore regularly back when I was able to work out (Click here to read my blog on on that subject)soreness
I assume (maybe hope is a better word?) that other people have this problem too with chairs being too low and stairs too steep for days after an especially arduous bout with p90x. For me, I have been searching for a “magic” cure (besides more elevators) for as long as I have been addicted to p90x. Unfortunately for me, it seems that the best way to deal with this sometimes annoying but regularly occurring fact of life was to just do the next workout and I would feel better in a day or two. While prowling the internet (my main workout these days) I found an interesting article discussing several common foods that can help reduce soreness.


To read the article, click here
As it will be a couple more months until I can test out these foods, I would love to hear any first hand accounts of whether or not these help.

On a side note, I had my baby shower last weekend and had the in laws and other family come into town for this joyous event! I had a great time and am truly blessed to have so many great friends and relatives! Yesterday spent sometime getting the nursery all finished with the help of my mom and sister (thanks to hubby to for lifting, and hanging up pics and setting up the mobile)!

Celebrating at my baby shower!

Nursery is all set up and ready!

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