Workout Equipment

When most people think of workout equipment, they think of high tech gadgets with flashing lights, programs and constant electronic feedback. Even the simplest workout, like running, can get complicated really fast if you add a treadmill to the mix. I prefer to keep my workouts simple to attempt to offset the technology that seems to pemiate the rest of my life. Also, fancy equipment for home use takes up a lot of space (turned into baby space at our house). Treadmills (if you own one it most likely gets turned into a catch all for clothes), elliptical machine, various weight machines and other types of fitness gadgets all can be counted on to reliably break down. Since I workout at home, my equipment is very simple and consists of: free weights (resistance bands work well too), pull up bar, and bands that go around your ankles for legs and booty. It’s all simple equipment. Most of the equipment can be found at Walmart (keep your eyes open for People of Walmart) or Target (if you are feeling classy) or bought online from beachbody ( This simple equipment has several distinct advantages over the high tech gadgets: cheap, easy to use (I have yet to see an instruction manual written in 5 languages for a pull up bar!), will never break down, and did I mention cheap? The best part is that it works!

Simple and easy to use

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