Cook it Up

When it comes to food, my husband thinks I’m a “picky eater”. He says I don’t eat my greens (I do eat my veggies, but I don’t have to like it). As I have become more interested in fitness and nutrition, the more i learn that leafy green vegetables (the ones i don’t really like) have major health benefits.

If Popeye isn’t a good enough role model, just google the “health benefits of leafy green vegetables”, and there is no shortage of web pages extolling the virtues of kale, chard and spinach (everything on the Internet is true, as we all know).

The main idea is that kale has vitamins like vitamin K (who even knew vitamins went that far down the alphabet?), iron (good for everything) and even omega-3fatty acids. The list of benefits is basically a list of all the health issues that have become alarmingly common over the past few years, like high blood pressure and even Alzheimer’s.

So, back to my original point of not liking kale, but realizing that I need to eat more of it, I found a recipe that actually tastes good and is really easy as a plus. I call it “kale with onions, garlic and bell peppers”, and that is all there is to it. Just brown the onions and bell peppers and garlic in olive oil, add a large handful of coarsely chopped leafy green veggies, and cook until the greens are wilted.


Besides eating healthy green vegetables this week, on Monday I had a really good session of Brazil Butt lift, and Tuesday I drug myself through a turbo fire workout (just one of those days when I wasn’t feeling it, probably should have popped a handful of spinach!). Otherwise, I am feeling good and enjoying this phase of pregnancy when I don’t feel like puking all the time.

If you have any favorite recipes for any of the leafy green veggies I mentioned, please share!

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