Homegrown Goodness

There’s nothing like having fresh vegetables from the garden. Every year my husband and I team up to get the garden going. He loosens up the soil by hand with a shovel, digs in compost, sets up the drip system and figures out where to plant everything while I supervise (we are such a good team!).
The other tradition is the annual post planting storm where cold wind, freezing temperatures and even snow blast, freeze and shred our carefully nurtured seedlings. This cold snap ensures that our garden boxes are not overcrowded with any of those delicate vegetables we try every year, like watermelon. But, this year, like every other year, the pictures of luscious red watermelon in the seed catalog looked too good to pass up. Maybe this year we will finally get one watermelon!
First kale and chard of the season
Our garden

This is the time of year all of “our” hard work starts to pay off when we can finally begin to harvest the cold tolerant, fast growing veggies like kale and lettuce. My favorite part is that I can go right outside and pick out what I want to include with our meal. Soon the peas and beans will start to produce, then with any luck the tomatoes, summer squash and zucchini will follow right behind. In the fall carrots, parsnips and pumpkins will be ready in time for fresh pies and stew.

Besides the hard work, heart breaking storms and dirty fingernails, the other perks of our garden are:
1) the veggies aren’t sprayed with chemicals
2) we save money (hopefully, never have done the math – seeds plus water bill plus hours weeding plus everything else has to be less than Safeway, right?)
3) I can procrastinate meal planning even more since i can step right outside and grab what i want!
4) vegetables from our own garden taste way better than store bought (that is the rule, and anybody who says otherwise will be unceremoniously removed from the premises if they don’t agree)

On a side note, here’s an update with pregnancy and workouts: I had a doctor appointment last Thursday and everything is going great. 16 weeks along and got to hear Baby Ford’s heartbeat! next up is the big ultrasound on July 3 to find out the gender!

Workouts this week have consisted of TurboFire, Brazil Butt Lift and lifting weights. I’m still getting used to modifying my workouts, but thankfully i am not at the tired hippopotamus stage yet, so the modifications have been minor, mostly listening to doctors orders and not over doing it! It will all be worth it in the end.

Until next time…Ryann

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