Eating For Two

Since I am eating (and doing everything else for that matter) for two, I have become much more aware of my overall health, and exactly what I am putting into my body. Long gone are the foods I used to enjoy; the morning cup of coffee, occasional glass of wine, sub sandwich, fancy cheese and sushi (ok, I didn’t eat sushi or soft cheese very often, but I am pregnant and can get away with complaining about things). Searching through the large number of baby sites on the internet before making a single food choice has gotten old, so I was excited to find this site:, where I can search any food and instantly find out if calamari dipped in honey is ok (weirdest example I could think of, ok).
So, cold turkey on the caffeine and cold cuts, but I still want to be eating food that tasts good and isn’t boring. This is a lofty goal and I have had to get creative, searching new recipes and trying new things. One simple recipe we tried this week was maple glazed salmon. A simple fish recipe that I actually liked (well, more than usual).
Here it is, and it is definitely worth a try, even for fish haters like me…maple salmon

Work outs for this week include TurboFire (three times), lifting weights on the other days and a few short walks.

Until next time…Ryann

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