What Works

The fitness side of the internet is full of really good information about the best way to work out, best time, best pre-post nutrition, acceptable heart rate and just about anything else you can think of for the proper way to sweat (just in case you are thinking of checking for yourself, I can tell you right now that every website has a better way to work out). Working out can get really complicated, with gadgets, schedules and rules. The thing I like about working out at home, and what has kept me at it for the past two years is that it is what you make it, and I make sure it is as simple as possible. It is easy enough to follow along with any video you choose (I will continue to post reviews of the videos I am enjoying), but I thought i would share what I do to keep my workouts at a high level regardless of outside influences or obligations. These are just the first tips that came to mind, so dont think that this is all there is to it…

First, I like to get my workout done in the morning so I dont have to dread it for the rest of the day, and Steve can help out with his “special brand” of motivation before his morning nap. If I wait until after work, there are way too many other important things to do, like watch TV, check facebook, play with Steve, vacuum the house, trim my toenails, watch the grass grow…you get the point, just about anything but workout. The point is, it wont get done unless I make myself get it over with before I have had my first cup of coffee and my brain is awake enough to know what I am about to put my body through.
The other advantage of working out first thing in the morning is that I can get through the workout without having to eat anything before hand. I don’t really know why, because I am definitely hungry after my workout, but I feel that my energy level is good without eating. It is rare, but if I am too hungry to focus on the workout, I eat a spoonful of natural peanutbutter to get a little bit of protein. This is a personal preference, and I am sure it wont work for everybody, but find something that works for you, like a few bites of banana or something. The main focus is to help you with the workout without puking up a full meal of pancakes and bacon (not fun!).
This isnt a workout tip, but my birthday was last week (I wont say how old I am, and no points for guessing…). These non-milestone birthdays are pretty boring when you are past 21, but we splurged anyway and got pizza (plenty of cheese and cured pork products). Then it was lunch at a chain restaurant with a friend (just a few carbs), then family dinner at our house…makes it sound like my birthday wish was to eat all weekend, but I swear it wasnt.
Here is my weekly (well, almost two weeks since my last post) workout summary: I enjoyed Turbofire for every workout last week (and the week before) – took both weekend days off due to birthday obligations. Overall I felt good, my abs got a bit sore from the HIIT workouts tuesday and friday (for more info on that acronym, see my Turbofire review, “Burn, Burn, Burn”). My goal is always to get a little sore, so I will consider that goal met!
Next week (this week really since this is a bit late…) I am planning on mixing in a Body Beast Lucky 7 workout into the Turbo Fire just to change it up a little bit. Mixing up workouts is another tip, but that is for another post, stay tuned!