What do penguins and old ladies with walkers have in common? Well, combine the shuffling gait of an old lady pushing a walker with the side-to-waddle of a penguin and that is how I was getting around after my first week of P90X. I am happy to report that after a couple of weeks of following the P90X routine (definitely not easy when you are so sore sitting down requires a great deal of courage) I was able to laugh without convulsing in pain aftger each chuckle, and I haven’t been quite so sore again (but pretty close though). Not to say that I never get sore these days, but it is somehow different, slightly less debilitating. Maybe it is just knowing for sure that I am geting results…
I bet the people in the videos don’t get sore (I mean they dont even seem to be breathing hard and they are talking the whole time too!), but I sure do. To me, getting sore occasionally means the “muscle confusion” touted by P90X is actually happening, and I am working new muscles in different ways. It is nice to know that an abstract idea like muscle confusion actually seems to be working.
As I have progressed through the P90X routine, and have tried out others, getting sore has become a regular part of my life, so naturally, I am a self proclaimed expert on the best way to work through the soreness as quickly as possible. I find that keeping well hydrated before and after every workout helps a lot, and stretching (regularly) makes the soreness talk back a little bit less. Chocolate milk (yes, Hersheys syrup mixed into a glass of milk) is my favorite recovery drink, and I am not just saying that because I need an excuse to drink more chocolate milk. Scientifically, it has the proper ratio of protien to carbohydrates, but all I know is that it tastes really good after a good old fassioned muscle beat down, and makes my muscles feel a little bit better (or is that just the chocolate talking?).
Recently I attempted my first work out with Body Beast-Lucky 7, the 20 minute full body work out. It sounds like I am quoting directly from a late night Infomercial (wanna hear about snuggies or the pajama jeans? Just ask…), but it was an out-of-this-world work out, and my muscles took a pretty severe beating. It wasnt long before I could feel the soreness slowly creeping into my muscles like Steve trying to sneak under the covers without getting kicked off the bed at 2 am. The next day I was seriously contemplating getting my husband to install hand-holds (like the ones in handicapped stalls in public bathrooms) in our master bathroom so I could get off the toilet without gasping in pain.


Got tickets to the gun show?

I have decided to start including my weekly workout summary at the end of each entry, hopefully this will motivate you as much as me:
4 Turbo Fire workouts, 1 Body Beast workout (total time 4.5 hours) as well as some power walking through Wal-Mart and Costco.
What is your favorite recovery trick (and not working out is not an option!)?
Until next time…

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