My Work Out Buddy

It’s important to have a work out buddy, someone to motivate you when you don’t feel like working out, someone to help you get through that last set of reps; someone to cheer you on when you feel like stopping; someone to help you choose healthy food and someone who has the same goals.  Well, mine is my cat Steve! 
He enjoys hard workouts, but only from a safe distance, perched on the back of the couch in a sun-beam. The only time he actually works out when he is chasing the dogs on his way to dinner or doing a “paw speed” workout when he is boxing with the puppy. He has a hard time motivating me with the standard look of ambivilance that most cats have, but what does motivate me is his ever growing “cat belly” and my desire to never have anything as saggy as his belly. His “cat belly” has taken on a life of its own; it flaps with a flamboyant side to side motion when he has to run, while basking in the sun it creeps out to take in some rays, and seems to say “keep on going,” while I am huffing and puffing, struggling to lift that weight or coughing out a lung. Sometimes after a workout I turn to him and say “your turn fatty”, usually he hops off the counter and escapes down the hallway, as if he thinks I’m a drill Sargent, his belly flapping back and forth as he runs. I am sure if he didn’t have so much fur getting in the way it would make a rythmic clapping sound.


Steve came to be part of my life in a round-about way. Most cats were either purchased from a pet store or someone’s home, or rescued from the streets. Steve, how do I put this delicately without hurting his poor feline feelings?…abandoned multiple times. See, here’s how it went down. While my sister in law was out running, she came upon this cute black kitten trotting along behind a boy, this small kitten acting like a dog following his favorite person. The boy asked if this was her cat and told her this cat had just started following him out of the blue. Being an animal lover (and a girl), she decided she had better bring him home so he would be safe while she put up fliers, advertised in the newspaper and did everything humanly possible to find his grieving parents. Six months later, still no one has claimed him and she is heading off to the east coast to pursue a Masters Degree at a Ivy League school (Steve wouldn’t fit into the preppy lifestyle since his favorite hobby was climbing clothes with people in them). She found a sucker to dump him off on, who happened to be her brother, my future husband (abandoned for a second time for those who are counting). At this point Steve and Eric were loving the life of “bachelors” with no woman to tell them what to do, but all good things must come to and end, and the end came when Eric met me. Now that we are married I am graced by the presence of a cat (from Steves prespective at least). When I try to make him shape up (stay off the counter, work out, be nice to people etc.) he puts his ears back and I imagine him yelling “you’re not my mom” like a rebelious teenager.
For some reason people give an involuntary chuckle when I tell them his name, and you may have chucked too. Want to know how he got his name? Well, watch the wholesome and artistic 90s movie “Multiplicity” and get back to me!
On a side note, my sister had her baby shower last weekend and family came into town so it was a nice weekend with that and Watching the Super Bowl with some friends!

Do you own pets? 
Until next time…Ryann

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