Burn, Burn, Burn…

If you read my first post, and my first one didn’t bore you enough, I decided to keep up with the “fitness theme” and do a review of TurboFire (I promise to change it up next time). TurboFire is a 90 day intense cardio program that combines athletic kickboxing, upbeat music and will help you burn up to 9x more fat and calories than a traditional cardio work out. It is also about the H.I.I.T (High Intense Interval Training) Fire Drills. You’ll work out for one minute at your max with short periods of rest to fire up your metabolism. You follow a schedule that has very specific workouts that are between 15 minutes and 55 minutes of workout fun depending on what part of the schedule you are on.
The technical stuff about why this workout works is great, and you can read about it here: beachbodycoach.com/ryannford (copy and paste this link into your browser) but I want my review to show the practical side that an average user (like me) will experience.
This follows the basic theme: intense exercise, rest, repeat. The intense part is mostly “cardio”, but not the kind that requires running up a hill or pulling on the spandex and knee high socks and rocking out to an 80s jam. Someone peeking in on my workout (no stalkers please…) might think a mouse ran up my pantleg and the only way to get it out is by jumping up and down and flapping my arms.
One full minute of this flailing is followed by 30 seconds of “rest”. Like a fat guy sucking in his gut when a hot chick walks by, I try to impress my only audience, Steve the Cat and act like it wasn’t that tough even though I would prefer to fall on the ground gasping for air like a fish on a dock. I toss Steve a casual glare, grab a refresing sip of water and pretend I am like one of the people on the video who can do the whole workout while talking and looking cool. In reality, my lungs hurt, I have a side ache, I gulp water between lungfulls of air and my sides hurt when I cough. Then back at it – maybe I should train that stupid mouse to take longer breaks…
A few repetitions of this (that where the second “I” comes from in HIIT) until the DVD decides I am done. Each interval is tough, but the way it is structured with the fast pace and new moves, they don’t seem to get tougher because of the variety.


The trainer, Chalene Johnson is upbeat and does a great job of motivating me when I want to sag back onto the couch and just watch (that counts as a workout too, right??). I really hate that woman towards the end of the workout because she seems to know just what to say to get me through to the end (how does she know, she can’t even see me trying to slack off!). When the workout is done I am back to loving Chalene and wanting to see her again tomorrow morning.
Overall, I love the music (it gets me pumped up), the workout, and the results. I find myself looking forward to finding out what the next workout will be because every day is different.
I would definitely not recommend it for beginners because it goes through the moves so fast it is hard to keep up (drop me a line for my two cents on a better beginner workout).
Final verdict – 11 paws (out of 12 – stay tuned to future posts for a breakdown on my rating system, it is really very scientific…)
Has anybody else tried TurboFire or any of the “Turbo” workouts and want to share?

First of many…

It was 2007 when I saw the P90X infomercial for the first time. The one armed pushups caught my eye, I mean who doesn’t want to do one armed pushups? Ever try to do a one armed pushup? I immediately dropped down and tried, but ended up doing a one armed face plant… It was clear that cool exercises like this would turn my boring workouts into something lot more fun! As tends to happen, motivation faded between ordering it and finally getting it in the mail and I must admit that stack of P90X DVDs sat on my shelf and gathered dust. It wasn’t that I sat on the couch and ate potato chips from a bag carefully balanced on a growing gut, but I had good intentions attempted doing other work outs, including, but not limited to bootcamp with friends (aka gossip hour), classes at a gym (wow, boring…and the looks when you show up late…), making up my own work outs (yes, as productive as that sounds…) and I even joined a gym (hoping that the steep monthly dues would act as motivation – not even close, it became a nice place for an occasional walk and shower). Needless to say, none of those things worked (shocker!).

There are always excuses for not working out (I have a list in case you need any), and the inevitable consequence for those excuses is rationalizing the result. See if any of these fit: just “getting older,” just slowing down, stupid metabolism….

Finally, I stopped paying to drive to the gym to take a shower, and decided to give P90X a shot. On May 23, 2011, I pressed play and that one little click was the start of new and great strides I made for my fitness and health. Just between friends (promise not to tell anybody??) the first few workouts were REALY HARD, and the day after soreness was even worse (ever have it hurt to wiggle your little toe?). Despite my better judgment I kept at it, and it wasn’t long before I started to notice toned arms (which way to the beach?) and even some abs (six pack here I come)! The bottom line is that I never thought I could get into great shape by doing a work out from the comfort of my own home (it doesn’t seem fair), but it has happened and I love everything about my new body! It sounds cheesy, but there is no caption here, no fine print about “being a paid actor”, but P90X worked for me, and it can work for anybody with a TV and a few spare minutes every day.

What’s your favorite work out?

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Until next time…Ryann